I participated in the Chicago triathlon last August, (with my 8 year old son - pictured), as a member of Team Bright Side. It was inspiring. I invite you (and your kids!) to join me this year. Please consider joining GROW Pediatric Therapies in building a boonies-adjunct to the Chicago Team Bright Side: Grow for the Bright Side. Let's do this!

As a member of  this team, the race is "free" with a commitment to raise money for the cause...and you know, exercise too a bit. Please use this link to sign up, and select "join a team" and let's combine our efforts and support one another for this amazing and very needed cause.


We will have a trainer hopefully on Saturday mornings weekly from May to August leading up to the race. We are also brainstorming fundraising events to raise money. If you have any ideas or connections that may be helpful, please send them my way! We can all do this....together! Please let me know if you sign up so that I can include you on our local training sessions and events. 

I am so determined to make a greater impact this year! And I need YOUR help!!!!! No kid deserves to be sick.

Peace and Love! 

Christine Sumara M.A. CCC-SLP/LClinical Director
Grow Pediatric Therapies


Please read the message below from Tracey, Mom and Founder of Team Bright Side-and definitely watch the video attached. I know I have mentioned this crazy triathlon idea to you in passing (or maybe I did not and this is just a fun surprise!)- and it is time to raise do everything we can to crush pediatric cancer. 

As unexpected as life had been up to that point, there was nothing that could have prepared for me for what would happen after hearing those fateful words: "Your child has cancer."


January 1st, 2013 marked the beginning of a hell that none of us were expecting. Chemotherapy, rapid body changes, hospital stays, doctors, doctors, doctors and more doctors ... tremendous amounts of pain, hope, tears, numbness, grief ... none of these were the gifts that I was hoping for in the New Year.


What I didn't know then is what I stand here knowing today: We were some of the lucky ones. We learned that we had more fight in us than we ever imagined. Ryan took his challenges head on, always finding the bright side, even when I was certain there was no bright side to be found. And I found that a cancer diagnosis was the very beginning of the story, not the end. Team Bright Side was founded in his honor - training, to date, over 550 athletes to compete in the Chicago Triathlon, and raising nearly 1.5 million dollars that goes directly to pediatric blood cancer research.


Which brings us to today, January 1st, 2020.


While I'm beyond ecstatic to report that Ryan is cancer free, my heart is overcome with the understanding that there are those who are not. In fact, one of our teammates from the Kids Tri has spent his holidays in a hospital undergoing treatment for blood cancer. And so, for him and for the other thousands of children in the same situation, we continue to fight


We can live in a world where no child has to suffer with a blood cancer, and no parent has to hear those words: "Your child has cancer."


I'm asking you to join me in this fight in 2020. By joining Team Bright Side, you can raise money while training for the Chicago Triathlon or, new this year, New York City Triathlon. Every dollar raised goes directly to supporting the cause of eradicating this illness forever. And, you know, you also get a boost to your own health and wellness.


Please visit to learn more, to signup to join the fight in 2020, or to donate.


We can do this together. And I, for one, am ready to fight.    


Tracey Scheppach

Executive Director, Team Bright Side